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Born an artist in Texas of mixed heritage (father from Maine), Gwen Hannan Meharg�s vision of incorporating arts and faith grew as she left corporate life to raise a family: girl, boy, boy, boy, boy, girl. Gwen painted, studied art and scripture, and loved her family. Art in 54 nations with 500 + images is the fruit. Images are used, free, by non-profits. Not a great business plan, but Gwen is, after all, an artist. The internet and God�s mercy allowed this "stay at home mom" with a heart for people to reach the nations while educating her children. The flexibility of home education has allowed Gwen to travel nationally and internationally to paint as part of corporate worship experiences and to teach others to express God�s heart through the arts. Every day is an adventure. My goal is to tell stories that radiate and give expression to truth. New stories as old as humanity and old stories new in the telling. The Parables of Jesus are an endless source of inspiration and truth. Truth, while absolute, can be imagined as spherical, like a pearl. We see what we see. Part in focus, edges receding, most of the pearl hidden from view. And then there is the bounce light reflecting on the surface of the pearl, the pearl's beauty reflecting its environment. Truth, while absolute, is seldom simple. The Parables of Jesus reflect the complexity of "simple truth."


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